Taste & Class



So far as the serial object is concerned, in the absence of any restructuring of space, this “functional” development is merely an emancipation , not ( to go back to the old Marxian distinction) a liberation proper for it implies liberation from the function of the object only, not from the object itself.  Consider a nondescript, light, foldable table or a bed without legs frame or canopy – an absolute cipher of a bed, one might say: all such objects, with their “pure” outlines, no longer resemble even what they are; they have been stripped down to their most primitive essence as mere apparatus and, as it were, definitely secularized.   What has been liberated in them – and what, in being liberated, has liberated something in man ( or rather perhaps, what man, in liberating himself, has liberated in them) – is their function.


Baudrillard Jean- The System of Objects- pg 16


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